The WORN Archive: A Fashion Journal About The Art, Ideas, And History of What We Wear


Published by Drawn & Quarterly in April 2014, The WORN Archive is the first book by Serah-Marie McMahon and WORN Fashion Journal. The anthology is comprised of the first fourteen issues of WORN, with each chapter focusing celebrating a different part of fashion - that fashion can be fun, fashion can be art, identity, politics, and most of all, that fashion is a personal medium for self-expression. It's a 400+ page manifesto, a resource of incredible information, and a beautiful book for Wornettes all over the world. 

Featuring an introduction by Jane Pratt. 

Available in independent bookstores and online.
For more information, visit Drawn & Quarterly here.

"This deliciously designed, intelligent, quirky, entertaining, and provocative archive of magazine articles documents Worn’s seven years challenging fashion conventions, celebrating clothing fanatics and designers, and considering how and why we decorate ourselves [...] Artists, makers, and fashionistas will be seduced by the book’s imaginative visuals and astute essays." Publishers Weekly

"...what makes The Worn Archive special is that it takes fashion and style and makes them what they should be: empowering. The entire book is filled with articles aimed at letting anybody in on the secret that style and stylishness is attainable. It has fascinating and well-researched articles on the evolution of the airline stewardess dress, along with “How the safety pin became a revolutionary fashion accessory,” and, like any book put out by Drawn & Quarterly, it looks great. Put it all together, and you have one very necessary book." - Flavorwire

"Every page is a reminder that clothes aren't just things we buy; they're what we live in" Flare

"The WORN Archive is just as much an art book as it is a fashion tome with striking illustrations and conceptual photographs. Most likely you’ll keep it on your coffee table for years but only this time, you and your guests will want to absorb every page rather than just flick through it." - Styleite

"[WORN has] an abundance of striking illustrations by artists including Shea Chang and Sara Guindon jostling next to photoshoots peopled by refreshingly ‘real’ models, with a distinctly feminist undertone to the proceedings [...] it’s a wonderful, heart-warming and funny read; with the layout and design adding to its often anarchic, celebratory, anything-goes tone." Design Week

"WORN advocates the cultivation of personal style. It's an ongoing conversation among unconventional fashion enthusiasts. Serah-Marie McMahon and her Wornettes clearly love fashion - they just don't follow the norms that dominate fashion publications." - Valerie Steele, chief curator of The Museum At The Fashion Institute Of Technology